Free Chapter: How to Eliminate Entitlement in a Millennial Workforce “Entitlement” is perhaps the top word associated with the Millennial generation. In fact, sixty-five percent of American adults think of Millennials are “entitled."

Some of the Millennial behaviors that are labeled as entitled are...

  • Expecting to land a job upon graduating college.
  • Demanding a certain salary or promotion.
  • Assuming specific flex-hours at work.

Unaddressed entitlement in your Millennial workers can result in unethical behaviors, higher turnover, underperformance, lower job satisfaction, and/or loss of leadership influence as Millennials might view their managers as unreasonable, hard-headed, or irrelevant.

In this chapter, we will unpack the external factors that have created Millennial entitlement (or at least the perception thereof) and explore ways to address the entitlement issue.